Timeshare Rental and Resale scams


Total amount of money US consumers lost in 2017 to Timeshare Rental and Resale fraud.


The average amount of money OHB Enterprise has been able to recover per client*

RCI "Get-Away Weeks" Rental Scam

 A new tactic used by phony companies claiming to be the official vacation broker of, or affiliated with RCI. (SEE COLUMN BELOW) 

What a Timeshare Scam Looks Like

  1. Initial Contact- You or someone you know receives an unsolicited phone call or email from an individual or a company telling you they can rent or sell your timeshare guaranteed! They state that they are booking an event and need the inventory or have a buyer lined up that wants to close asap and you need to act now! They promise you the sale will close within a few days to a few weeks. The only catch, you have to pay an "upfront fee" for registration, rental insurance, closing, paperwork, title search, etc..
  2. You Paid Them- The numbers they threw at you sounded great, the closing will only take a few weeks, and you'll finally get the timeshare off your hands. Some companies will even send you a contract or some sort of promise in writing to show you they are legit.
  3. Silence- At this point those "few weeks" have most likely turned into a couple months and you've either gotten a) no returned calls or b) excuses on why the deal hasn't closed yet. The reality is, it never will close, they never were legitimate, and your money is now gone. We see this scenario all to often and it is almost the same story every time.

Fortunately, in a lot of cases your money can be recovered and the scammers can be brought to justice. If you've fell victim to this scam, click here so we can assist you in getting your money back!

How Can You Avoid Timeshare Scams?

  • If you receive an unsolicited call or email, make sure to question who ever is on the other end. What's the name of their company? Where are they calling from? What time are they calling you? How did they get your number? Once you have that info, check the BBB to see if they have any complaints and what their reviews look like. Do they have a valid real-estate license in order to facilitate the sale of your timeshare? The FTC states Telemarketers cannot call you before 8am and after 9pm. Are they in violation of that rule?
  • NEVER PAY UPFRONT FEES! There are reputable Timeshare Brokers out there that will sell your timeshare without charging you upfront. It's just like a real-estate deal whereas you pay a commission upon the closing of the sale. Also, The FTC's Telemarketer Sales Rule (TSR) states a telemarketer cannot charge you an upfront fee without first providing you with a service. So if a company tries to charge you upfront over the phone, they are breaking the law!
  • When contacted by one of these companies, do your research on them, ask questions, and never give out personal or financial information over the phone!

*Average amount of funds recovered per client is based on applicable cases. Not all funds lost are recoverable and cases vary by circumstance. 

For more information regarding your specific case, please send your info with a brief description to info@ohbenterprise.com

RCI "Get-Away" Week Rental Scam

 The Timeshare exchange company, RCI, has stated that it is aware of companies that are calling timeshare owners and pretending to be affiliates or partners of RCI, telling consumers they have "get-away" weeks or points that can be rented. They charge the consumer thousands in upfront fees, only for the consumer to later find out it was a scam.

RCI states on it's website it does not guarantee the rental of weeks or points, nor to they employ brokers for that purpose. 

CLICK HERE for the RCI Scam Advisory

If you've received a call from one of these companies let us know! You may be entitled to a refund of funds lost to this scam!  

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